Long Term Car Hire From A2B car Rentals – Expert in Long Term Car Rental

Welcome to A2B Car Hire, the UK’s leading Long term car rental company.

A2B Car Hire, was set up as a alternative to car leasing, we found that our clients came from all walks of life, and wanted a long term car hire for many reasons.

Some clients wanted a long term car rental, as they may have been placed on a probation period at work, and needed a car for 3 or 4 months until their company car arrived, some other examples included one customer who ordered a brand new car and had to wait 6 month for it to arrive, so rather paying crazy money for a long term car rental, they came to us.

We offer a cost effective long term car rental service to clients across the UK.

Our business module is very simple, we purchase quality used cars from the insurance companies for minor damage, these are known as CAT C or CAT D cars,  and rent them to clients who need a long term car rental service and our prices start from £40 a week.

Remember if you take out a long term car rental from us, it does not include insurance, most of our clients already have a car insurance policy in place, or they are willing to get insurance for the duration of the rental. We can help you get insurance, but we do not offer this ourselves.

Unlike most long-term car rental companies, we do not charge a deposit, we deliver all our cars direct to your door free of charge, and we offer a great service.

To book a long term car hire , please call us on 0800 689 3146

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